Waiting to See How the situation with Coronavirus Will Develop in USA

Waiting to See How the situation with Coronavirus Will Develop in USA

This week's post will be short. The reason for this is that the world is in an emergency. Is it really that bad or the panic is too big I don't know. What I know is what I am seeing. It is easy to speak theoretically like many people are doing right now but if you try to put into practice what you are saying, to trade you'll see that: -

  • the game has changed
  • techniques which were working during the bull market are right now failing because all that people want is to be liquid
  • now is a good time to trade intraday because the volatility is extremely high. But hitting the circuit-breaker practically means that your stop is unknown. Yes, unknown because the market can open with a huge gap and wipe you out.

Well, some things continue to work like the COT report which suggests that at best we can expect consolidation in Crude OIl. The biggest problem for the coming week is that the USA has entered into the steepest part of the curve of infected with Coronavirus. That could mean a bad week for the U.S stock market. The FED will try to contra react and...

The best is to wait to see how will the situation develops in the USA. Focus on a single stock, go deeper and pick companies where to invest when the time is right. The moment I realise when is that I'll let you know until then you can join this Facebook group called Talking Chart. It is supporting the release of a book about price action trading. I am posting interesting stuff focused on price action there.

Stay safe and be patient!

Talk soon,

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