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What is a Piece of Trading? explained in a traditional way

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Piece of Trading is an innovative educational system. It extracts vital information from every segment of trading and then concentrates it into a single and unique PIECE.

A PIECE which:

  • was created by REAL TRADERS who use this knowledge to make money
  • will teach you a specific USEFUL LESSON in an UNDERSTANDABLE  WAY
  • contains a CONDENSED TRADING KNOWLEDGE where fluffs are limited

Piece of Trading will increase your knowledge and help you gain valuable experience. It will help you become a profitable trader!

Hello and welcome to Piece of Trading!

My name is Vassil and I am the founder of this new method to learn to trade and investing.

You might ask why do we need a new method of learning? What's the problem with the current existing traditional ways? We can find the answer in the statistics. No matter where you are in the world statistics show that around 90% of people lose a huge part of their money within their first 90 trading days! All this shows problems with the old, traditional ways of trading education.

Based on many years spent in trading, educational and brokerage business, communication with a huge amount of the so-called "trading gurus", after seeing and analysing the track records of hundreds of thousands of retail traders, professionals and even some true trading legends and after seeing the development of my trading results I've discovered two major problems with current trading education around the world:

  • most educators lack trading knowledge and real trading experience.
  • those who are knowledgeable and experienced in trading are not using the right methods to provide their knowledge.

Those are the problems that every trader face when trying to learn to trade and investing. Keep reading and I'll show you how Piece of Trading will help you solve them.

Before I do that let me answer the biggest question in your head right now - who am I and why listen?

Few key facts about me

20+ years of trading experience

18 years of experience as an educator

100 000+ PRO and RETAIL trading accounts analysed

over $100 000 spent on education

author of over 500 articles in offline and online media

15+ years in the financial industry From analyst to executive director

Founder of the Association of Traders in Bulgaria under the Patronage of Mr Larry Williams

Author of the book 100% FOREX. Learn and trade together.

Trading all kinds of assets Preferably US stocks and futures on major commodities.

Maybe you've got more convinced that reading further will be beneficial for you? Yes, that is great! Now let us focus on the problems mentioned above.

When I speak about lack of trading knowledge, I always recall what Lex Van Dam, the Million Dollar Trader, told me:

"Most of the educators are only selling the glamorous life of a trader. There are only few people in the entire world who are really making money trading"

I have come to the same conclusion myself. That cost me a lot of time and money. Time and money spent on courses, videos, podcasts, books, webinars, seminars, etc. from educators around the world. Only to understand that it is very hard to find the proper mentor. Sad but true! But as they say, nothing goes to waste in this universe. All those efforts, time and money spent, opened my eyes to the fact that knowledge is and was always out there. We don't understand how to reach and grab it. Those who reached it are the ones who really understand the markets and who are making money consistently.

After realising that I've focused on finding those people and understand their approach to trading. Some of them I've met in person like Larry Williams (undoubtedly the best trader out there), Anton Kreil, Lex Van Dam, Joe Ross, ... others I know for their work. Starting from the old masters like Jesse Livermore, George Seamans, Edgar Lawrence Smith, Richard Wyckoff to today's superstars like Steve Cohen, Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett. Studying them or from them, I found something very important. While they may have differences in what they trade or how they analyse a particular situation, some things they are using ARE THE SAME. Those same things stood the test of time. They exist in the trading of all successful traders since 1900. Who knows, maybe even further back in time!

Don't get the wrong idea! Piece of Trading is not about retelling books and courses or showing their techniques.

No, I won't do that. I respect their copyrights! What you will learn here is what they don't tell - the building blocks or pieces that I believe led them to create their trading style and techniques. A good part of the pieces is dedicated exactly to that.

Now, let's go back to the second problem. There are people out there who know how to make money trading and some of them want to teach you how to trade. The problem is that they are teaching you after they've become accomplished traders! Confused? Please keep reading because this is important. Let's say we make a dissection of the trading knowledge. What we'll find out is that it comprises multiple layers, laid one above the other, over time. You do not gain knowledge like learning 1. 2. an 3 and you are ready, no, after learning 1, 2, 3 you build a foundation to learn 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Only then you are prepared to learn the next step - the double-digit numbers, after that the triple digits and so on. Do you see where I am heading?

A great trader will teach you trading and investing the way he or she understands it now, after reaching the current level!

but you won't understand it completely because you didn't spend 30 years fighting the market as he or she did. You are also not walking the same path as your mentor. He or she will try to teach you the number 19009786787 without first showing you the 1,2,3,... or the math operations to get to that complex number. They will try. But even such smart people can miss a lot of pieces in their educational program. They didn't include those pieces because they forgot about them or didn't realise they were using them.

That is why I have been writing those pieces for the last five years of my trading. Every time I've won or taken a good market-beating a piece was born!

Piece of Trading components

That is just part of the problem. The other part is how they present, taught the knowledge to the student.

How many times you've seen this: Pay now and you will get 38 hours of video content!!! C'mon, who has so much time:). Yes, I know what is on your mind. If you want to be a trader, be persistent (I've written a few pieces on this myself). Let's discuss this for a minute. The way the educational (in this case financial) industry works is to offer you a huge amount of content. A lot of information so they can justify high prices. As a result around 85%, or 33 hours of those 38 hours, video material will be nothing more than pure fluff. Now I will ask you an even harder question "How are you going to find those 15% useful information? Having in mind you are losing all your energy to absorb 85% of irrelevant information." You will be tired of so much video content and the chance of missing something crucial is BIG. You won't watch it a few times more unless you want to spend your life in front of the screen:). You will find the value in the recaps, or takeaways after each lesson? This is what Piece of Trading precisely is - a giant recap of all the trading.

Our motto is Learn trading & investing the right way which means to learn useful, quality information, for a low price with the least time spent.

Don't take my word for it sign in and see for yourself. IT IS FREE!

Enjoy it!

Let's find your missing piece,

Vassil Banov
Founder of Piece of Trading

What is Piece of Trading explained in a piece way!

Đ¢rading can be taught Piece of Trading helps you learn faster With Piece of Trading, you learn cost-effectively
PieceofTrading.com breaks trading into small particles and processes which are called pieces PieceofTrading.com aims to solve major problems with the current educational system Pieces were born from a long-lasting and thorough research
It was built from practice. Every win or loss created a piece PieceofTrading.com was created to help YOU! PieceofTrading.com represents its author's attempt to contribute to the development of the financial markets

Faster to read and easy to understand, isn't it? That's the whole idea. Inside you will find many useful lessons and IT IS FREETry it!