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Piece which will help you find and fix a specific problem in trading


Piece which contains concentrated knowledge. Developed by professionals, with no fluffs


Piece that helps you learn faster and more efficient everything you need to know about trading

We have 1000s of them!

A novelty in trading education!

Try to learn how to trade and you will face problems like poor content, information overload, essentials missing, fancy unpractical theory and even boredom.

Piece of Trading is different!

Our new educational system extracts REAL knowledge from REAL traders and delivers it to you in easy to learn pieces. Each educational piece contains concentrated knowledge focused on a specific topic.

With Piece of Trading you will:

√ Learn proven techniques from people who REALLY trade
√ Fix a specific trading problem
√ Improve your current trading style or fully change it
√ Learn logical, tested methods
√ Learn faster and cost-effective

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What, How, When and Why?

You've passed all the fancy pics, videos, smart phrases... you scrolled down to the bottom of the page and right now you are probably thinking why I have to register?

Let me tell you something: both YOU and I, as traders, share a common problem... success in trading requires constant improvement!

That improvement depends on your level of experience.

I've listed the following cases when Piece of Trading will be helpful to you:

#1 You've been trading for a few months or even years. You've put a lot of efforts in studying it, trying to figure it out but nothing works and you are still losing money.

That is the most common situation. There are two possible reasons for this:
- lack of proper knowledge;
- emotional instability.

If I would have to bet, even without knowing you, I would say that most probably you're dealing with the first one. In both cases, Piece of Trading can help you.

You probably feel you're always trading at the wrong time (wrong market maybe). It will be hard for you to believe me when I tell you that a single piece can improve your trading. Those pieces are so powerful, that after using them, your views, feelings and understandings of the Market will change big time.

All those pieces are available after quick registration. If you belong to this case #1, significant improvement awaits you after registration

#2 You have just started with trading and want to do it properly.

I would be honoured if you choose

However, I have to tell you this: "Do not expect it to be easy." You won't succeed in this business if you do not invest time and effort. Keep in mind that before you jump into the pieces, you have to have some basic knowledge. You have to know at least the terminology. Things like support/resistance, volume, COT, seasonality, unemployment, etc... Pieces are designed to enhance your knowledge and give you an in-depth understanding of the markets, but they build on the basics.

The ABCs of fundamental and technical analyses can be found for free. If you do not know where I'll be happy to help just click here

So if you are just starting with trading, and you are familiar with the basics come inside, take a piece and see how the basics you know are transformed into something useful. Register here

#3 You are an advanced trader, a profitable one but more trade ideas and improvement are always welcomed.

An advanced user will know his weaknesses and will try to turn them into strengths.

Maybe the exit requires more work or timing is your biggest problem. Are you looking for a way to generate more trading ideas or learn new setups (that is an endless effort)? An Algo trader would need more alphas (non-correlated, please).

At this stage, you already know that further improvement is getting harder and harder to achieve. With, you will be able to dig into my notes (pieces were born from REAL trading). See what problems I've encountered, how I approached them and what were the solutions.

So no matter if you are trading bonds, stocks, currencies, commodities or even cryptocurrencies using futures, spot, options, ETFs I am sure you will be able to find something useful inside.

If you want to learn more about the system or the author click here. If you don't want to waste time and jump to the learning universe of the pieces click here